We provide efficient service by focusing on your needs and carefully managing our service delivery. RELLIANCE, our dedicated client portal and workflow management system, helps make sure we receive and complete your audit with a 2-week turnaround.


RELLIANCE combines a state-of-the-art cloud-based software application together with our strong service standards. RELLIANCE is a major leap forward in SMSF audit technology. Regardless of the accounting system you use, RELLIANCE will automatically integrate the data seamlessly. The result is an efficient method of managing all stages of the audit process. 

RELLIANCE also gives you real time access to reports on your clients’ audits—including their workflow status and compliance history. 

No other SMSF audit firm in Australia provides an auditing platform comparable to RELLIANCE. It is one of the key reasons we are one of Australia’s most reliable and efficient SMSF auditors.

What are the key benefits of RELLIANCE?

  • Secure platform for providing your clients’ data to us online
  • Real time access to workflow and fee tracking reports
  • Direct access to compliance history reports for risk management 
  • Streamlined workflow means more time to advise you and your clients

How does RELLIANCE work?

RELLIANCE provides a stepwise process and workflow that streamlines our audit process:

  1. On agreement to proceed, we will issue you with an Audit Information Checklist and Login Details, to our secure portal.
  2. Using the Relliance portal, securely transmit your SMSF administration package, including source data and fund’s permanent records, to our website. This gives us instant, secure access to the SMSF data so we can immediately start work on your client’s audit. 
  3. As you provide client files online, we send you direct confirmation of jobs received.
  4. Within 48 hours, we will contact you to discuss any queries, confirm turnaround time and confirm the estimated fee for service.
  5. The audit will be completed by our experienced and qualified staff (all based in Australia). 
  6. We will contact you with any further queries. If we believe that the turnaround time or estimated fee may change for any reason, we will advise you and request instructions.
  7. When the work has been completed, you will receive an email with instructions for the retrieval of the audit report. If further discussion is required, we will contact you directly.

What RELLIANCE reports can I access?

At all stages of the online audit process, you will have access to RELLIANCE reports, which include:

  • A summary list of all SMSF audits underway and completed
  • Work-in-progress report for each audit 
  • Compliance report outlining issues identified with each completed audit

What communication and feedback is there?

RELLIANCE allows us to effectively manage all stages of the audit process from receiving SMSF data and source information to completing audit reports. RELLIANCE gives you real time access to reports on your clients’ audits—including their workflow status and compliance history. 

The audit process can become challenging when compliance issues are identified during the audit process. We make sure compliance issues are accurately assessed during the audit process. All issues identified during the audit process will be sensitively and professionally communicated to the accountant and SMSF trustees.