12 reasons why SAUL SMSF is one of Australia’s most trusted SMSF audit firms

Saul SMSF aims to provide a high quality audit service that builds your reputation. Our focus on communication and our core values of strength, integrity and reliability have helped us to become a trusted auditor for many firms and individuals. In contrast to many new SMSF auditors entering the industry in Australia, Saul SMSF is an established and highly experienced firm.

Our longstanding relationships with accounting firms and their clients gives us a clear understanding of their needs and insights into meeting their expectations.

We guarantee your audit report within 2 weeks. Using our proprietary software system, RELLIANCE, we can receive your documents online, track progress and issue the audit report within two weeks. If there are issues or circumstances that may slow the process we will identify them up front. Our guarantee of a 2-week turnaround relies on clients providing their responses on time.

Saul SMSF is a specialist provider of SMSF audits. We focus all our professional efforts into maintaining the knowledge, skills and qualifications required to deliver quality audits. Our business processes and systems have been developed to deliver cost-effective SMSF audits. We have even developed our own on-line application to streamline our communications and interface with clients.

David Saul, the Managing Director of SAUL SMSF, has 18 years experience with SMSFs. He is a long time member of the Self-Managed Super Fund Association of Australia Limited (SPAA). SPAA is one of the peak bodies for SMSF professionals.

David is among the first advisors in Australia to achieve the SMSF Specialist Advisor™ accreditation from SPAA. David is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants In Australia (ICAA), one of the leading groups of accounting professionals.

SAUL SMSF is recognised as a trusted and experienced SMSF auditor. This trust was earned by maintaining a strong focus on independence in auditing processes, by clear communications and by understanding our clients’ needs. Few firms can match our experience and expertise in SMSF audit preparation and delivery.

Saul SMSF meets the independence requirements of auditors as outlined in Section 290 of APES 110. Because the SMSF audit is outsourced from the accountant firm that has created or helped manage the SMSF, we provide real SMSF audit independence.

All SMSF Auditors must be university trained in accounting and their qualifications must include a recognised course of study in auditing. All our auditors are based in Australia and are approved under the SIS Regulations. They are qualified to provide an opinion of the status of each fund they audit, including the fund's compliance.

Real audit independence improves long-term compliance of SMSFs, as trustees are provided with frank and honest feedback. This reduces risk for accounting firms and also provides peace of mind through knowing that the funds have been thoroughly scrutinised. We maintain and respect the relationship that accounting firms have with their SMSF clients.

RELLIANCE is our SMSF auditing platform. It combines a state-of-the-art software application with our personalised service ethic. RELLIANCE allows us to effectively manage all stages of the audit process from receiving clients’ working papers and source documents to completing audit reports.

Our audit processes use quality assurance procedures. We continuously review and update our QA processes to keep up with changing legislative requirements and to maximise our responsiveness to our clients.

RELLIANCE increases our efficiency by reducing administration time. This ensures you get a high-quality and cost-effective audit. RELLIANCE gives you real time access to reports on your clients’ audits—including their workflow status and compliance history.

No other SMSF audit firm in Australia provides an auditing platform comparable to RELLIANCE. It is one of the key reasons we are one of Australia’s most reliable and efficient SMSF auditors.

The information lodged in RELLIANCE (see above) is held on secure servers in Australian locations. Your clients’ data remains confidential and security protected in Australia. We comply with the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth).

All our auditors are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA) and are registered with ASIC. Our Managing Director, David Saul, is an accredited SMSF Specialist Advisor™ under the SMSF Professionals Association of Australia (SPAA).

SAUL SMSF acknowledges and understands that we are working on behalf of accounting firms for their clients. We respect the relationship you have with your clients. We will always refer client matters arising from the audit process to you.

SAUL SMSF is an established firm that specialises in undertaking independent SMSF audits on behalf of accounting firms and their clients. We aim to provide a high quality service that builds your reputation. Our core values of strength, integrity and reliability have made us highly trusted.

Using RELLIANCE allows us to manage high volumes of audits and to maintain our 2-week turnaround guarantee. We guarantee to meet lodgement deadlines if we receive documents and responses to queries on time.

SAUL SMSF has a transparent fee structure based on the size of the SMSF and the level of complexity of the audit. We inform clients up-front of the fee for service for audits. We also advise clients in advance if there is likely to a variation in fee in the audit.

Because we are very aware of the fee sensitivities associated with SMSF audits, we maintain a strong emphasis on efficiency and timeliness. However, maintaining a high level of integrity and independence is not compromised. Therefore, our service always represents good value.