How to recognise value from your SMSF auditor

SAUL SMSF provides a highly efficient and expert service at a competitive price. Variation in SMSF audit fees sometimes makes it difficult for accountants, advisors and trustees to recognise good value for the fee charged. 

SAUL SMSF has a transparent fee structure based on the size of the SMSF and the level of complexity of the audit. We inform clients up-front of the fee for service for audits. We also advise clients in advance if there is likely to a variation in fee in the audit.

Because we are very aware of the fee sensitivities associated with SMSF audits, we maintain a strong emphasis on efficiency and timeliness. However, maintaining a high level of integrity and independence is not compromised. Therefore, our service always represents good value.

SMSF value checklist

Here is a short checklist of important questions to ask if you want a quality and cost-effective SMSF auditor:

  • does the auditor have efficient applications and systems to reduce administration charges?
  • is the auditor a specialist with a high volume of work that creates economies of scale?
  • is the auditor qualified and accredited by ASIC?
  • is the audit company using accredited and qualified staff?
  • is the auditor providing data security?
  • is the auditor compliant with the Privacy Act for personal information?
  • does the auditor have the correct levels of professional indemnity insurance? 

Saul SMSF provides great value

When assessing fees from SMSF auditors, it is natural that you will review the value of the work completed on your behalf. We are very aware of this and focus on providing value at every stage of the audit process.

The value of our service is reflected by:

  • guaranteed turnaround times
  • high-level expertise
  • industry knowledge
  • guaranteed independence
  • professionally qualified
  • low-risk service and professional indemnity
  • streamlined audit process
  • information security and confidentiality
  • Australian accreditation and compliance with industry standards
  • reliability and professionalism
  • transparent fee structure


If you’d like to talk directly with some of the firms with whom we work, just give us a call. We’re confident that they will confirm the high quality and value of the services we provide to accounting firms and their SMSF clients.

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