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Trailblazing: RELLIANCE featured in Australian Financial Review

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We were delighted to be featured in yesterday’s Australian Financial Review, where Agnes King talked about a handful of trailblazing firms who are innovating and creating change, rather than letting change hit them ‘like a bus’.

Her article, “Digital innovators chase professional services ‘tsunami’”, shed light on the problem of cheap, non-value-adding SMSF audit providers. She then contrasted it with our cloud-based RELLIANCE system, which can:

• weed out non-compliant super funds

• warn of rogue SMSF trustees

• detect funds with underlying issues that put them at risk of crossing the line into non-compliance.

As SMSF Audit Specialists, we’re not permitted to give advice. But thanks to the simple dashboard interface we created as part of our RELLIANCE development, accounting firms can now spot issues ahead of time. And by helping them avoid issues with the ATO, ASIC and other regulators, it helps protect their reputation.

It’s all about preserving the integrity of the system and each practice as a whole—the very things these cheap, low-integrity SMSF audits threaten.

Which can make them extremely costly in the end.