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Introducing SaulAuditPlus

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Need support in complying with SMSF Reforms?

Compliance with the SMSF reforms is more complex than ever and commentators in the SMSF industry are anticipating an "avalanche of contraventions". -SMSF Advisor May/June 2017.

To assist our clients in identifying compliance issues as a result of the reforms, we are introducing a new service called SaulAuditPlus. Click here for brochure

The SaulAuditPlus service includes our standard audit services and in addition, specific compliance services to assist you and your clients in transitioning to the new reforms with the peace of mind that you are ensuring compliance at all levels.


SaulAudit SaulAuditPLUS
✔ Quality audit undertaken in Australia
✔ Timely tracking
SaulAuditPlus includes all our quality audit services and in addition:
✔ Efficient audit documentation
✔ Completion & billing reports
✚ Opinions on the compliance of strategies relating to reforms coming into effect 1 July 2017.
✔ Efficient cloud-based reporting
✔ No overseas outsourcing
✚ Identification of shortcomings in compliance with the new reforms and assessment of any potential contravention.
✔ Benchmarking your clients' SMSF investment returns against the market ✚ Review of pension set-ups and capital gains tax cost base of assets.
✔ Three hours per quarter for brief, ad hoc advice on SMSF compliance matters at no additional charge. ✚ Compliance with the rules in relation to related party borrowings that came into effect on 31 January 2017.
  ✚ Five hours per quarter for brief, ad hoc advice on SMSF matters at no additional charge.

At Saul SMSF we provide high quality audits using the best combination of technology, experience and expertise. 

You can trust that SaulSMSF will always act in the best interests of both your practice and your clients. We can assist with the most complex SMSF situations and our expertise in relation to the new Super Reforms is available as a valuable resource to your firm.