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How to Recognise Value from your SMSF Auditor

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Here is a short checklist of important questions to ask if you want a quality and cost-effective SMSF auditor:

  • Does the auditor have efficient applications and systems to reduce administration charges?
  • Is the auditor a specialist with a high volume of work that creates economies of scale?
  • Is the auditor qualified and experienced?
  • Does the audit company have depth of resources and expertise?
  • Is the auditor providing data security?
  • Is the auditor compliant with the Privacy Act for personal information?
  • Does the auditor have the correct levels of professional indemnity insurance?
  • Is the auditor genuinely independent?
  • Does the auditor understand your client relationships?

SAUL SMSF provides a highly efficient and expert service at a competitive price. Variation in SMSF audit fees sometimes makes it difficult for accountants, advisors and trustees to recognise good value for the fee charged. 

SAUL SMSF has a transparent fee structure based on the size of the SMSF and the level of complexity of the audit. We inform clients up-front of the fee for service for audits. We also advise clients in advance if there is likely to a variation in fee in the audit.

Because we are very aware of the fee sensitivities associated with SMSF audits, we maintain a strong emphasis on efficiency and timeliness. However, maintaining a high level of integrity and independence is not compromised. Therefore, our service always represents good value.

We offer a personalised service, giving you wisdom and the right advice in the event of tricky situations.